The balancing of our psychic centers, also known as Chakras, has been part of the religious practice of many cultures and groups. Later on, it was widely incorporated in practices such as yoga and Reiki. We can receive the benefits of Chakra balancing in meditation, but also through energy workers like Reiki or Barbara Ann Brennan method’s practitioners.

The objective is to visualize each one of these centers, apply a healing light which frequency is appropriate for that center, and depending on our level of development we can even assign a deity to each one of these centers and develop a relationship with them. This is a good way to know how to improve the qualities that each Chakra is in charge of overseeing.

Let’d begin by describing each Chakra, what energies are contained in them:


It is important to balance these Chakras daily, it gives you a lot of energy and your day will start on a positive and balanced note. I recommend doing this meditation in the morning, you may be restless if you do it too late in the afternoon. However, I found a version from Jason Stephenson that is specifically for before sleep. His voice is perfect for meditation, I hope you enjoy it.

Chakra Meditation for Before Sleep

Energetic Chakra Meditation:


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