The Emotion Code 

TEC was brought to our knowledge by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a chiropractor who started using a peculiar method to find the source of pain of his patients. Consisting of communicating with the patient’s subconsciously and then observing the response in a muscle contraction on the patient’s body.

This was further developed by Dr. Nelson, who also is very intuitive and spiritually developed.

He received information about this method through channeling and has helped many people who may or may not suffer of physical pain. That was the initial reason why he got interested in the process but this transcended the boundaries of its physical application and proved to be a great way to remove trapped emotions in general.

The method is fairly simple to use. The body responds to a “yes” or “no” question by a muscle contraction or a body swing. If you are standing straight and ask you body if your name is an incorrect one, your body will swing back. If the answer is yes, your body should swing to the front.

With this technique, we will ask the body a series of questions based on trapped emotions shown on the list below:

Page 223 from “The Emotion Code, First Edition, 2007.

BE AWARE THAT CLEARING TRAPPED EMOTIONS MAY GIVE YOU FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS, HEADACHE, FEELING OVERWHELMED AND WILD DREAMS (only temporarily, in some cases it may last longer. That is a good sign! It means that the emotions were effectively removed).

This is how I use it, you can acquire the book to see all possible ways to apply the method, case studies, etc. The objective is to bring the emotion to the surface and with the use of a magnet (any magnet) clear the emotion out of the body and energy field. You will be standing up with your magnet in your hand, and will ask to yourself:

  • Do I have a trapped emotion?
  • The body will swing forward
  • Then you ask, is the trapped emotion in column A, if it swings back try column B.
  • Once you identify the column, you ask: Is the trapped emotion in row 1? row 2? row 3? until you get a forward swing.
  • Once you have identified the correct row then ask: Is the trapped emotion….? (name each one of the emotions in that row)
  • Once identified, then pass the magnet from between your eyebrows, up your forehead, to the top of your head, and as far down as you can reach on the back of your head. You can also continue down the spine. We will do this 3 times for regular trapped emotions and 10 times for inherited emotions.

Sometimes you will get a negative answer for all options. In this case you should ask one or all of these questions:

  • Do I have a heart wall?
  • Is this trapped emotion a hidden emotion
  • Is this trapped emotion an inherited emotion
  • Am I allowed to clear this or any other trapped emotion now?
  • If you get a negative answer then ask: Can I clear this emotion in 1 hour? In 1 day? In 1 week? In 2 weeks? in a month? etc…

Working with the heart wall

Many of us have developed heart walls with the objective of protecting us from the exterior elements. To clear the emotions trapped in your heart wall you ask the following:

  • Do I have a heart wall?
  • Is this heart wall 1 foot long? Is it 2 feet long? etc until you get a forward swing. Mine was 25 foot long.
  • Is this heart wall made of paper? cardboard? metal? any material that comes to your mind, it is not really important unless you are curious to know. Mine was made from the hard plastic used for the torso of the Barbies. They were my roll model at the time the traumas started.
  • Then to clear the energies from the heart wall ask: Can I clean an emotion from my hear wall
  • Proceed to repeat all the questions from the previous section.
  • You can ask as you clear emotions how long the heart wall is after each cleaning, so you can know how significant was that particular emotion

Sometimes you won’t be able to clear all at once, your being needs some time to heal. Ask how long you need to wait before being able to clean another emotion.

Proceed until you have cleared the heart wall completely and all trapped emotions are gone.

Make sure to not leave anything behind. And while you do this, just keep an open heart, no expectations or fear. You will do just great!

In my case, I had people come to me on the street and start a conversation which is very rare for me. Also I had phone calls from people that I had not talked to in years, and the most important is that my intuition started working out of control. It was all good, I felt like I could dance, sing, run, enjoy every single thing.

Please share your experience after a couple of days or weeks, as soon as you can see the first signs of healing.


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