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As we move into the “darkness” phase, we will go through some exercises to remove the most relevant blockages first and then work our way in. Think of this as if you were an onion and all we need is that center part. Please keep in mind that this information is presented in a general manner, in order to reach as many people as possible. You should be able to find your own personal recipe from all the options here presented, the things that work for you at this time; trial and error is a good way to start.

You can also join our group sessions, webinars, open discussions and workshops to make sure you are in the right track. It actually helps tremendously when working in groups, it is like a master mind effect, things happen much faster. The group, even if it’s just 2 people creates a frequency that affects all participants.

Without going into deep metaphysical explanations, it is important to know that humans and all beings for that matter, have several layers of energy fields over the physical body which act as a sort of filter. When a disease shows up in our body, it is because it already went through these layers and finally is reflected on the body. Some things don’t apply, obviously; such as wounds, some infections, and that sort of thing acquired directly on the body.

These layers can hold a lot of past emotional content that we carry through our entire lives. When finally these fields can’t hold any more negative emotions, then we start feeling and seeing the deterioration on our body. It is very important that we clean all this sludge for once and give it a maintenance every so often, to make sure that we are healthy and able to perceive our intuitive voice.

There are many healing methods all over the world that work very well for clearing blockages and balancing energy, some will have a more remarkable effect in you than others. That is due to the immediate needs of each one. I will present here some of the methods that you can practice at home and are extremely powerful, and some others that you can access through certified practitioners. There is a thorough description of each healing method in this blog, but you always can submit questions that I will try to address as fast as possible in the Q & A section, in case someone else has that same doubt.

Throughout the life of this blog (and mine), I will present as many healing methods as I find useful, that I have personally tried and can recommend safely. Not everything that sounds weird is necessarily spiritual, and not all spiritual practices are useful for what we are trying to accomplish here.

Another important note is that the physical body, should not be overlooked. Even though we are working with our energy and spirit, the body is our temple and we need to make sure that we are including proper exercise and foods that are nourishing. On the diet and exercise section of the blog you can find some options if you don’t have already a preferred physical activity.

As an initial exercise, I recommend the following methods that I have described in depth in separate posts:

1- Emotion release (The Emotion Code): This method helps you remove trapped emotions that may or not be causing a physical condition. It started as part of a chiropractor’s check for the source of pain in certain parts of the body. The emotions are removed using a magnet (any magnet, one from the fridge’s door is ok), it is easy to do and extremely effective. On of the most useful tools I found to remove a heart wall, which is in essence a way to protect us from the exterior world, but also blocks us from living, experiencing, feeling and being present. See full description by clicking on the name’s link. Warning, this practice will make you feel sick the day after each release session, maybe even for an entire week; don’t start it the day before your weeding, any sports competition, an important test, etc. The release of emotional sludge has to go through somewhere and generally is through your body.

2- Mantras: Words are a very effective way to reach a frequency, this is why prayers are so powerful. With certain mantras, we can reach a healing frequency that works directly with our subconscious mind; we don’t even need to know what we are healing, but we will feel the difference. One of the most powerful mantras for healing anything is the Hoponopono. This is a technique used by the Hunas from Hawaii and by many other cultures, specially from the South Pacific with the intention to heal Karma and bring the mind to a “State of Zero”. That is described by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, one of the modern exponents of this healing method, as “the state of Zero, where we would have zero limits. No memories. No identity.” Find the mantra by clicking on the name’s link. This mantra can be playing in the background, you don’t need to pay attention for it to work. Play the mantra at least 3 times a day, every day for 2 weeks to start, then you can listen to it once a day. It is only 10 minutes at the time. Repeat the words as many times as you can a day. Keep track of any changes in your attitude towards things that before this practice would have made you upset or sad.

3- Chakra balancing: Chakras are the energy centers of the body and soul. Generally speaking, we have 7 energy points throughout our body that are in charge of activating certain organs, emotions, reactions, attitudes. When the chakras are not balanced we can experience illness, depression, lack of motivation, frustration, etc. Depending on the blocked chakra and what emotions are in that bundle. There is plenty information about this subject, I am not even going to get into it. But I can definitely recommend Reiki, acupuncture and visualization for balancing chakras. Click on each link to for a description of the method.

In other chapters, when we discuss spiritual development, manifestation, ascension and the next phases of Alchemy, we will talk about spiritual chakras from 8 to 12. For now, we will focus on balancing 1 through 7.

4- Breathing exercises: Breathing is the base of every meditation exercise. Only by silencing the mind we will be able to reach the supra conscious level where we can hear our intuitive voice. There is plenty information about this subject. However, I lined up some of the ones that I use regularly to reach my meditative frequency. With 5 to 15 minutes a day you will be able to control the mind, you can work your way up until reaching 30 minutes if you want to develop other spiritual qualities.

All of these you can do on your own, except the acupuncture and Reiki, but the visualization should work well until you can go to a practitioner. Let’s start with these and keep a journal for the next 2 weeks. Just pay attention, don’t create anxiety by setting expectations, just let it be!.

Take your time, do the exercises correctly to set the base for your spiritual development with these 4 simple exercises. When you are ready, you can go to the next episode.


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