In order to find and strengthen our intuition, we need to go through a process of purification, also known as Alchemy. Please note that I am talking bout finding and not creating, and please be aware that I am talking about a total rebirth. Requires commitment and discipline but it is totally worth it.

Alchemy is generally referred to as the process used to transform a metal’s “fixed” properties to turn it into gold. But that is just a popular description, there is a whole story behind it that we are not going to describe right now, we will be using the spiritual meaning of this process. Alchemy can be related also to the beginnings of chemistry, the creation of medicine, liquor, and anything else that involved combining elements to create a whole new element.

I hope you are seeing the resemblance of this process with that of spiritual awakening.  The process of Alchemy, is as old as the first days of our planet, and in very short summary we can say that it was also used to explain the process of transformation of one’s soul from birth to death, and the purification process that happens after death during the ascension of the soul. People at that time (long time ago BC) already figured out that they did not need to physically die to accomplish purification, they could access this during the same incarnation. This practice was of course banned by  most organizations which objective was to control others, call it religion, government systems, etc. I just summarized thousands of years of information in one paragraph, please excuse me if it is vague, it is just to set a precedent before entering into the intuition development work.

By going through the purification process, practitioners found the way to access the universal truth and live fulfilling lives, unleashing the maximum potential of their human and universal abilities, there are no limits to knowledge or imagination, no limits of time or space. We can see how this was a threat to any person or group who wants to have control over others. It is easier to gain control over those who remain blindfolded or ignorant of their true potential. This is how most of the literature on these matters dissipated or ended up in private collections of rich intellectuals of that era (like those who owned the unpublished manuscripts of Isaac Newton and many others that you didn’t even know wrote about the subject), and was tagged as magic, heresy and ridiculed to the extent that it was only used on science fiction.

Anyway, the important thing now is that this information is spreading fast and no one can stop the change in consciousness to come. You don’t want to be one of the few still acting as a robot and doing absolutely nothing to grow spiritually. Those who acknowledge and develop their spiritual abilities will be ahead of the game; this will show in their life style, health, opportunities, etc.

We can go through this transformation to develop our intuition, and at least understand more clearly what is our path, what decisions to take each time, what actions to take to be more successful, happy, fulfilled. We can decide where to stop as far as our spiritual development goes, it is a totally free choice. Some may feel comfortable at some level where they can get more done at work and make more money, be more assertive, more creative. You will be more aware of your inner voice and this decision will be a smooth one. This process is specially great for actors, singers, artist, architects, writers, all those who deal with inspiration. Many others deal with discernment or innovation also will see immediate benefits, such as scientists, judges, politicians or anyone in general; we can see a drastic difference in the creative process, due to the fact that the inspirational source opens up like a waterfall.

Many of us have already experienced situations in life that have contributed to this awakening, some with more intensity than others. Some have used those same experiences and created walls around them that prevent them from being present, from experiencing situations the way they really are and from learning anything else. That is why this first step is so important. This is the place and time when we are going to delete from our being all what we don’t need, and we will put in a hanger all what we think is “right” to make sure nothing is blocking us from receiving the healing and learning that is needed.

We are going to call this first step “darkness”, others call it mystical death because when you die you don’t bring any tags that show your degrees, there’s no passport or material  object that comes with you. We are going to step out of our shoes to create a clear canvas, for the purpose of learning and understanding universal laws without any filters; you are no longer your name, your nationality, your religion, your profession, your ideas about anything. You are not any of that. You are a marvelous blank canvas.

Then we will fill up that empty space with the universal truth. You won’t get amnesia, don’t worry, this also doesn’t mean that I or you are against any of these things, you can hold them dearly in your heart, but not in your mind when we are trying to understand this concepts. It may even seem funny when you look back and realize how small you were when you put yourself into that box that said “Doctor Charles Chaplin from Virginia”, when you can be “that unlimited perfect being of the entire universe, who can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time, in the past, present or future and can access the universal records of knowledge to know anything he/she wants always”.  Which one would you rather be?- Lets move on.



Hi! I am the blog author and moderator. I have been working on developing my intuition and clearing my own blockages since I was 8 years old.
I want to share what I found to be the most valuable tool, besides knowledge and experience, to improve business production and business relationships. I hope you find it useful as well.

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